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Rhinoplasty Surgery Chicago, Illinois / Secondary Rhinoplasty

Clinical Expertise: Rhinoplasty / Secondary Rhinoplasty

The nose is the most prominent feature of the face. The size and shape of one's nose serves to define the face. The ideal nose varies from individual to individual.Rhinoplasty entails re-shaping the nose by reducing or increasing the size of the nose. This may entail removing the hump, changing the shape of the tip or bridge of the nose or narrowing the width of the nostrils. Also, we may change the angle between the nose and the upper lip.

A critical step for successful and predictable rhinoplasty results is a clear understanding based on dynamics of the procedure. It is essential for the surgeon to understand which part of the nasal framework controls each zone of the nose and the patient and surgeon to have a mutually agreed upon goal for surgical improvement.

Dr. Pensler sees numerous patients who are dissatisfied with their nose making rhinoplasty and revisional, or seconday rhinoplasty one of the most common procedures he performs. He will show you before and after photographs of patients and utilize computerized imaging to assist in formulating your precise treatment plan. Dr. Pensler performs the Rhinoplasty procedure in our Chicago office operating suite. Contact our patient coorindator today for a no-obligation consultation at 312-642-7777. Find out why people from all over the world fly to Chicago to have a procedure performed by renowned plastic surgeon Jay M Penser, MD.

Rhinoplasty - Actual Patient Before/After Pictures
  • Before
    Rhinoplasty Chicago 1B
  • After
    Rhinoplasty Chicago 1A
  • Before
    Rhinoplasty Chicago 2B
  • After
    Rhinoplasty Chicago 2A
  • Before
    Rhinoplasty Chicago 3B
  • After
    Rhinoplasty Chicago 3A
  • Before
    Rhinoplasty Illinois 1B
  • After
    Rhinoplasty Illinois 1A
  • Before
    Nose Job Chicago Illinois 1B
  • After
    Nose Job Chicago Illinois 1A
  • Before
    Rhinoplasty Chicago 4B
  • After
    Rhinoplasty Chicago 4A
Secondary Rhinoplasty - Actual Patient Before/After Pics
  • Before
    Secondary Rhinoplasty Chicago 1B
  • After
    Secondary Rhinoplasty Chicago 2B